Rahul Gaba

I am a full stack developer who loves writing code for a living. I am passionate about JavaScript, VR, react-native, nodeJS, web development and Paneer.

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Crazy, Stupid, Engineer | Frontend engineering @ Google

  1. Use custom ESLint config in create-react-app using 3 simple steps (No external dependencies) » 17 Feb 2019

    This post will solve the problem of adding custom ESLint rules while keeping the default ones provided by create-react-app.

  2. Unit testing redux containers the better way using jest » 19 Oct 2018

    Testing container components which use redux can be a real pain sometimes and the reason for that is the connect from redux. This blog will help you test container components just like you test any other react component.

  3. Validating arguments in a better way: JS hacks 😉 » 14 Aug 2018

    Since JS is not a strongly typed language, writing checks/if-else-conditions for each argument can/will get messier in the long run. And no smart developer would want to have multiple if-else blocks just to validate arguments. Presenting you the new cooler/better way using ES6 default parameters.

  4. Jest: Test suite with superpowers 😎 » 19 May 2017

    With the growing complexities of apps, unit testing is a mandate. Since we are writing code in JS, we can utilize most of the testing frameworks/libraries available out there for `react/web` apps without much changes. This blog will help you get started with jest, understanding snapshots, understanding enzyme for testing component with state.

  5. Why/When do I need $scope.$apply() in AngularJS » 25 Sep 2016

    When we start building complex/production applications in AngularJS we all have come across this scenario where we require to manually trigger the Angular Digest Cycle using $scope.$apply(). In this blog, I will be sharing my learnings.

  6. Using iPhoneInstallOverlay plugin in your progressive web-app to show add to home screen banner in iPhone Safari » 31 Jul 2016

    A JavaScript plugin which shows a message to install the web application on iPhone devices(on Safari browser). This will be useful if you are building a progressive web application. If you don't know what progressive web applications are, head over to Progressive web apps blog by Google here: https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/

  7. A complete guide to generate PDF via just the front-end » 14 Jul 2016

    As a front end developer, we all come across a problem statement where the client wants to get the screenshot of front-end views in a single PDF. Though we can print PDF by triggering browser's default print button functionality(similar to Ctrl+P) but that approach has some limitations. Here is an alternate/better approach.

  8. Using Async/Await in JavaScript - Writing async code as if it is synchronous » 02 Jul 2016

    What if I tell you that you can write your async code as if it was synchronous. That would be awesome right? Well that's exactly what async/await do, obviously without blocking the javascript main thread.

  9. ES6 based angular directive for noUISlider » 06 Jan 2016

    Minimalistic Angular directive for noUISlider.

  10. Developing Cordova apps with iOS9 support » 14 Oct 2015

    As we all know, iOS9 update is out there and Apple is using WKWebView as the first citizen instead of UIWebView. I will share the issues I faced in one of the apps and how I fixed it. There might be some other issues as well.